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Buying furniture? – Never Approach Wholesale Furniture SC $$$$

Buying furniture? – Never Approach Wholesale Furniture SC

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Wholesale furniture, which offers a wide number of furniture for sale, is hard to believe as it is one of the most fraudulent furniture dealers over the net. Though they are proclaimed to be a reputed Canadian-based company, they do not have any such operations. Addressing its operations from a location in Asia, the company has stood out to dupe numerous people around the world through its clumsy service, cheap quality of products and nevertheless, inefficiency in handling and delivering the products sold to its customers. If you are in plans to purchase furniture from this store, it is needless to say, that you better let go of this idea.

Customer service at Wholesale Furniture is horrendous to say the least. There are numerous customers out there who have faced the wrath of the inefficient customer service of this company. For example, in response to your queries of a customer on the delivery status of his product, he was a rather clumsy answer that the truck carrying the product is somewhere in Indiana. So you know that you would be taken for a royal ride filled with numerous loopholes if you try to purchase furniture from this store.

Several instances have been reported that customers do not receive any genuine reason for the delay in their purchase products, even after placing the order long ago. Every alternate customer is made to wait several weeks before they actually receive the product. In case if you call them up to check on the status of your order, they argue with you vociferously that what you have got is what you have ordered. The customer service personnel of Wholesale Furniture behave rather irresponsibly. Even after receiving numerous complaints from the customers, they seem to have a deaf ear.

Coming to the cost of the products and the extra charges for product delivery and handling, Wholesale Furniture has an upper hand. They not only charge you a heavy premium if you want your product on nights and weekends, but also, fail to keep their promises on product deliveries and quality.

Wholesale Furniture, though has built its reputation over the years, but has failed miserably in maintaining it. You can easily find positive reviews of its website, however, be weary of those reviews as they are just a promotional gimmick. Any right minded person would not do business with them, after dealing with them. Never trust them to return your calls. They expect you to hound them with their complaints, rather than improving themselves.


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