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Charleston Bedding- Not as Great as it is Touted to be $

Charleston Bedding- Not as Great as it is Touted to be

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When after a tiresome day you long to cozy up in bed, what you need for a restful sleep is a comfortable mattress. If you invest in a good mattress, rest assured you will have an undisturbed sleep throughout the night and wake up feeling truly rejuvenated. If you are planning to buy a mattress, you would have surely heard of Charleston Bedding in Charleston, SC. This wholesale bedding store is touted to be Charleston’s original mattress warehouse where you can get good quality mattresses at discounted and wholesale prices. The store promotes itself as being the only shop in town that sells quality mattresses at the lowest prices available.

As for the prices of the various mattresses the company sells like memory foam, cool gel memory foam, inner spring, latex and independent pocket coil, there is no doubt that they are quite low, making the mattress purchase that much cheaper. However, whether this saving on bedding is worth the amount saved is truly questionable. This is because, although the store says much about its bedding quality, it is not all that much to scream about.


The problem with the mattresses from Charleston Bedding is that there have been several complaints of people developing back pain after sleeping on them. In fact, some customers say that the happiness they felt at owning a quality Charleston bedding vanished when they lie down on their beds and struggle to sleep throughout the night. Another aspect about these mattresses that people are not happy with is that they are not all that moldable which is what you want if you suffer from backaches.


In addition to mattresses, Charleston Bedding also sells Leggett and Pratts’ adjustable beds that they say will have you sleeping like a sleeping beauty. However, customers have expressed unhappiness over these beds too, particularly their thin legs that barely seem to support the weight of the mattress, let alone the weight of those sleeping on them. Some buyers also say that their bed squeaks despite it being a new purchase. A few are not even pleased with the wood used, its color and grains which goes to show that just lowered prices is not sufficient to satisfy customers.


On the whole, Charleston Bedding needs to work on its bed and mattress quality rather than just focus on delivering goods at the most reduced rates. Speaking of delivering, it would be also good if the store could be prompt with its customer orders as otherwise the number of its patrons and new clients will soon dwindle to match its lowest bed and mattress prices!

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