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Charleston Mattress- Shop Here Only if You Want to Lose Money $

Charleston Mattress- Shop Here Only if You Want to Lose Money

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A comfortable mattress is what you want when you come home after a hectic day at work so that you can sleep like the dead and wake up the next day feeling alive like never before! Not only do normal people understand the value of a good mattress, but those suffering from back pains realize its importance all the more. Without a mattress to support their backs, their pains would be a lot more insufferable and their nights much more sleepless. That is why, when you buy a mattress you have to be careful about buying a good quality one from a reputable shop.

If you live in Charleston you would surely have heard of Charleston Mattress, a mattress selling store that has been in town since 1914. This old mattress shop is known for selling locally made mattresses as opposed to the branded ones that are a more popular fare today. Moreover, if you know this shop you will also be familiar with the prices of the various local-made mattresses it sells. Yes, the prices of the Charleston Mattress beddings are much lower than that at other bedding stores. The store claims that it is able to reduce prices on its products since it does not spend overtly on advertising or involve middle-men.


However, lowered prices apart, the Charleston Mattress beddings off late have received much flak from customers. Users say that in contrast to what the company states of its mattresses as putting people to ‘sleep like locals’, their sleep has vanished into thin air thanks to these very beddings. The reason given for their sleeplessness is that the mattresses are too firm, rather than being moldable as they are touted to be. The firmness of the mattresses neither helps their slumbers nor does it do any good for their backaches.


In addition to the mattress quality, some customers also say that the product they received directly from the warehouse was not sealed and taped that gives room for doubts regarding the genuineness of the products purchased from the store.


As for delivery, although it is included in the purchase, there is no guarantee how quickly your mattress will arrive because the company does not attach any importance to delivery schedules.  Speaking of guarantees, though the company claims that its warranties are valid, that would be so if only its customer service was customer-friendly and took in their complaints patiently. Briefly put, shop at Charleston Mattress only if you want to lose money.

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