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Dixie Furniture Charleston SC Review $$$

Dixie Furniture Charleston SC Review

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Dixie Furniture has been around for quite some time. They have been in the furniture business since the end of the Second World War. They have basically stores located in Walterboro, Charleston, North Charleston and a few other places. Here is a review on Dixie Furniture.

Dixie Furniture claims that they are supposed to be the premier furniture shop in the Charleston, South Carolina area. You would like to think that were true because they have been around for quite a while. One would like to believe that they have already built a reputation for themselves as a store you can rely on. However, the exact opposite is true. A lot of people have complained about the quality of service they get from the different store outlets. Many have said that the prices are a total rip off.

In 2001, Dixie Furniture came out with one of their biggest expansions which was a humongous store located in the Heilig-Meyers Walterboro area. People were quite ecstatic about this new store but were quickly disappointed by inefficient sales staff, arrogant store managers and often times, a lack of inventory for the most popular furniture items. This is quite surprising for a store that prided itself with being the “premier furniture store.” The problem with Dixie Furniture is that they are victims of their own success. They have seemed to concentrate more on trying to expand to different counties in the region at the expense of quality customer service.

One customer complained that when he ordered a mattress from Dixie Furniture he was told that it would arrive by evening.  Not only did the mattress never arrive but when they called to complain, the arrogant store manager chided them for giving the wrong address. It was later found out that the clerk from the store where they bought the mattress gave the wrong delivery order. Some woman from another county was surprised that she got a delivery of a new mattress. She thought she had won a prize or something only to discover that there was a foul up.

Another unsatisfied customer complained that when she tried to order online, the website processed all her orders only to be informed a few days later that all of the items were out of stock. This meant that they never even bothered to update their website. The worst part about the whole affair is that the customer had to wait for four weeks for her orders to finally arrive.

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