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GDC Home Charleston: Review $$$$

GDC Home Charleston: Review

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Charleston has one of the largest home furnishing shops called the GDC Home. Known for providing indoor and outdoor furnishings including rugs, carpets, furniture, wall hangings, lights, and many more, GDC home is a premier stop for many. But today, GDC home is known to be an expensive stop over that is not frequented by budget shoppers.

Previously, the one-stop furnishing shop was known for its exclusive design consultation to their clients but today the designers only provide general details without walking through with the clients regarding their likes and dislikes. The chargeable service provided called the In-home design consultation is a more exclusive where the designers from the store visit your house and offer suggestions regarding your décor. The service seems very adequate for rich clientele, yet it does not come free and involves a large chunk of money. So the next time you are at GDC home to learn more about décor and home furnishing from the experts, check your budget and stretch it to fit the consultation bills.

The store houses a number of designers but the lack of variety in the collection can leave customers wanting for more. The store concentrates on its customization service while the on-store collection is not up to the mark. In contrast to other Charleston stores, GDC home’s collections lacks depth. In-bound, there are hardly any products from other parts of the world. At times when everyone is looking to buy global products, shopping at GDC home can be extremely predictable and boring. Unlike other stores where the choices are varied and from world renowned designers and brands, at Charleston’s GDC home the collection concentrates on their on-site designers only. So, if you are looking for a standalone piece of furniture then this is not a stop for you.

In recent times, there have been customer reviews and feedbacks stating that the quality of the products has also suffered a huge setback. More and more cases have been reported stating that the product delivered to them have been faulty which has led them to a long process of replacement. Also, the return policy is not clear which makes the process even more tedious and long. So, you spend more and more time tracking your money and products.

In short, if you are looking to refurnish your home in Charleston and looking into buying new items for your living space then GDC home is not a great stop. Opt for other stores that offer the latest collections from across the world and also, offer better deals that can make your furnishing dream a reality.

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