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Haverty’s Charleston SC Review $$$$$

Haverty’s Charleston SC Review

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Haverty’s  is a furniture company they specialize in manufacturing variety of furniture for bedroom, dining room, drawing room, kitchen and office.  The website has a huge collection of furniture.

  • The furniture ordered is often delivered with damage. As per the replacement policy the furniture has to be replaced in such situations. But instead of replacing the damaged piece, the carpenter is sent to do the repair work. The customers have to undergo a lot of inconvenience as they have to waste a lot of time.
  • The looks of the furniture does not match the quality. The model and the make look very stylish in the website. It looks more like a solid wood as per the descriptions in the portal but they are actually made up of fake or cheap quality wood. When the furniture is delivered the legs of the chairs are cracked and opened. Lots of visible scratches are seen in the furniture. With this one can say it was made of a hollow wood, whereas, in the website it was advertised as “carved” and finished and finely polished solid wood.
  • In some of the sofas, lot of creases and marks are present at the time of delivery. It is very disappointing as it does not give the look of new furniture. The cleaning has to be done by the customers themselves or lodge a request with the customer support and wait endlessly. Also, the stiches are so loose and always ready to open up. It totally lacks quality.
  • The promotional coupons given by the website are often eye wash. Consumers are deceived often when trying to redeem the discount coupons. Even if some products are listed for redemption coupons, they are not actually delivered and always stated as “out of stock”.
  • Often the customers are put to inconvenience as the hardware required to assemble the furniture is not provided. If asked to deliver the hardware, the customers are asked to drive back to the store or wait for some days for the delivery to happen by mail.
  • The Hearty’s customer service is very terrible. They do not consider the preferences of the customers while delivering the furniture. The delivery appointments are given during the working hours. The customers have to stay back at home without going to work as the furniture is delivered during the day time.
  • The furniture store does not often deliver the furniture on time. Sometimes customers are put to an ordeal of waiting for 6-8 weeks to dispatch the order.


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