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Home Décor Liquidators Charleston SC Review $

Home Décor Liquidators Charleston SC Review

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According to their website, Home Décor Liquidators purportedly sells top notch quality furniture items that were recently acquired via buyouts, discontinuance, and massive liquidations which is then passed on to the customer at a supposedly reasonable price.   Numerous people have tried purchasing items at home décor liquidators thinking they can get a better deal.  Unfortunately, many people have complained about numerous problems ranging from wrong orders to poor customer service.  Here is a review of Home Décor Liquidators.

A customer complained that when he went to the store to purchase a bed for his daughter he expected courteous staff to assist him.  However, when he got there no one seemed to care about his inquiries. He said it took about ten minutes for someone to finally acknowledge that he and his daughter were there to buy a bed.  Moreover, he complained that the lady that assisted them was quite rude and did not seem to care about what they really wanted.  She was very insistent on some other model they didn’t need.  When they finally purchased the bed, they found out that it was missing springs.  After waiting for some time for the necessary parts to arrive they found out that there were no directions on installing them.  He regrets to have gone to that store in order to save a buck. He recommends instead going to a high quality furniture store that has the right quality of customer service people.

Another customer complained about purchasing a mattress that was the wrong size for her bed.  She went online to purchase the mattress and bought the one that was the same size for her bed.   However, when they delivered the item, it was discovered that what was given her was the wrong size.  When she called customer service to complain, the whole mess was even blamed on her for not providing enough information.  She insisted that she did bought the correct size as seen in her purchase order but the rep on the line said that she should have given more information. Needless to say, she ended up paying extra for the right mattress. She says she would never go back to this store again.

A customer purchased a sofa from Home Décor Liquidators and never got the item delivered.  After being promised that the item would be delivered in two days he decided to calm down.  2 days passed and then three and then four days but still no sofa.  He finally went to the store to cancel the order only to discover to his surprise that the exact same sofa was being readied for delivery to another customer who had just bought it an hour ago.


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