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Mattress Firm Charleston Review $$$$

Mattress Firm Charleston Review

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Mattress Firm is a mattress retail company that claims to create a one-of-a-kind customer experience in terms of providing them with supposedly high quality bedding products for all their needs. It has over a thousand stores spread across twenty eight states. Here is a review of this bedding retail store.

Mattress Firm’s claim that it can come up with a one-of-a-kind customer experience is true but it is not the experience you would want to have again when purchasing a mattress. Many customers complain that when they visit a Mattress Firm store they discover sales reps that lack knowledge, discourteous and rude to customers. The managers seem to be no different as they are concerned more about bulk orders and do not seem to mind if their sales staff is just chatting away on the showroom floor.


One customer’s experience dealt with terrible in store service from their sales staff. When he came in to purchase a bed for his son, the male rep kept on chatting with this other lady rep that seems to be pretty. He seemed not pleased to hear the customer’s inquiry because he was too busy trying to get a date with the lady rep. When the customer complained to the manager, the rep denied any wrong behavior and instead blamed the customer for being rude. The manager not only believed the lies made by the sales rep but he also had the customer escorted out of the store for being unruly!

Another customer complained about Mattress Firm’s penchant of not honoring warranties. She bought a bedroom set that came with a supposedly five year warranty. They seemed to have a program that if you do not claim the warranty you are entitled to get credit on it. She diligently kept the receipt and went to the store to claim store credit but store officials flat out denied her claim. They acted as if she was making the whole thing up even when she showed them the documents.

Another infuriated customer complained that the store has not given them a refund for the mattress they returned. They were told to wait for at least seven to ten days for the check to arrive. However, after waiting 2 full weeks still no check in the mail. They decided to go back to the store only to be told that if they purchase an item now of equal value they would instantly get the check. They refused out of principle.


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