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Mattress Source Charleston Sc Review $$$$

Mattress Source Charleston Sc Review

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The variety of mattress types at Mattress Source is quite minimal. They offer just memory foam, latex and innerspring variety of mattress. When these mattresses are used they develop body prints on them due to the heavy padding and cushioning. The personnel at Mattress Source claim that the mattresses take some time to break in. However, it has been noted that it usually takes several months for the mattress to be user friendly and devoid of any prints. The staff at Mattress Source also uses pressure tactics to entice the customers into buying these mattresses. They just do not let you decide by yourself.

Mattress Source does not strive to provide complete satisfaction to its customers. There are not enough choices while making a decision about buying a new mattress at Mattress source. Though you take time to make a decision, you do not seem satisfied with the color or texture of the mattress. The colors are very bright. The prints also appear to be the same. The mattress is not that smooth as it claims to be. There are also some defects noted in the in material as well as the workmanship. Moreover, it is difficult to get a replacement if for any remote cause your new mattress shows any defect.

You have to struggle with the manufacturer to get your defective mattress set replaced with a new piece of similar model. The Mattress Source also does not provide any exchange option for differing models. The products offered at Mattress Source are also exorbitantly priced. The price offered by Mattress Source is much greater compared to other models and you will be able to find a lesser priced model from a local competitor that will beat this price by nearly 15%. Overall, the sales staff is not at all helpful. The entire sales proceeding is quite slow and inefficient and it really tests your patience.

Though Mattress Source has been in business for 38 years, they do not undertake professional delivery of goods. They take a long time to deliver the product once an order has been placed. In addition to this, there have been reports that the product delivered had been damaged en route. There were issues reported when this product was asked to be replaced. The replacement process itself took a long time. At the end of all this, the customer is really disappointed with the nature of service meted out to him. It is better that you decide not to shop at Mattress Source once again.

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