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Rooms to Go Charleston SC Review $$$$

Rooms to Go Charleston SC Review

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Rooms to Go Charleston’ is a furniture store that offers a wide selection of items for your house. There have been many complaints from infuriated customers regarding the type of service they have received from employees. There have also been numerous incidents of false advertising, substandard products and poor warranty claims. Here is a review of Rooms to Go Charleston.

A customer recently bought a living room set that is supposed to come with a reclining love seat from Rooms to Go. When he received the items he discovered that what they got was a stationary love seat instead of a reclining one. He thought that this was just a simple mix up and decided to call the store to have it replaced. To his surprise he was being asked to pay an additional two hundred dollars for the model that he wanted. He said that in the store showroom where they chose the items, there was a reclining loveseat along with the living room set with the price tag they had agreed to pay. No one told them that if they wanted the reclining version they had to pay extra for it. Moreover, they did not even want to exchange another item which was about the required difference for the additional charge for the love seat. They seem to have erroneously placed price tag in order to dupe to purchase items and then stiff them at the end.

Another infuriated customer is complaining about their very persistent sales reps: They simply would not take no for an answer. Worse, they will hound you with calls just to bug you about something you are not interested in. If you are considering buying a piece of item from this store, never provide them with your home phone number if you do not want to be bothered by their pesky telemarketing people.

Another customer said that when they visited the store, they saw a bevy of sales people leisurely lounging on sofas and were not the least interested in helping them with their inquiries. When you call their attention they seemed not to be in a hurry to help you and instead focused more on finishing whatever conversation they have with their colleagues. The same is also true with their supervisors who seem to condone their subordinates’ behavior. If you intend to still visit this store, leave your pride at the door as you will be ignored by apathetic sales people.


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One Comment

  1. Ed Odonnel is the manager there. He is very, very shady

    They sell horrible items, push extended warrantys and how great they are and then when you have an issue won’t do anything!

    We have had to swap out THREE couches and its 2 athletic people never at home. Wih a family it would last a week! 600 for an extended warranty and they just took it away!!

    The manager is a piece of work and everyone there is all about selling you somehing but they “don’t do customer service there”. Have a question about anything other than how much a sofa costs and they will tell you to go fly a kite. That is only course only after you buy something. If you haven’t bought they will promise the freaking moon and them some!! How they stay in business is beyond me