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Southeastern Galleries- Not The Best Place To Go To For Your Home Décor Needs $$$

Southeastern Galleries- Not The Best Place To Go To For Your Home Décor Needs

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Furniture is like an investment because you do not go about purchasing these on a yearly basis. So is interior decoration mainly owing to the fact that doing up a house is not a cakewalk. Therefore, when you are planning to do up the interiors of your house and fit it up with the best furniture, you must pick your store wisely. If you are living in Charleston, SC you would have surely heard of Southeastern Galleries, a high-end furniture store that has been open in town since the 1950s.

This furniture store has a huge and extravagant showroom in Charleston that the store-owners claim is teeming with furniture pieces of all kinds from several upscale brands. In addition, the shop also stocks up on wallpapers and upholstery fabrics in very many designs and patterns to help decorate your house. In fact, its staff constitute mostly of interior designers and professionals in the field who double up as sales people.

But this is about where the positivity of the Southeastern Galleries ends. Although, it is the oldest store in town and hence has quite a bit of reputation in the region, nowadays, customers have been reporting that the store has shed some of its novelty in terms of the items it stocks. Its furniture pieces people say are the same as you would find anywhere else and there are no specialty furniture items available here.

Yes, the furniture is branded and the delivery is free for locals, but sometimes, customers want to combine uniqueness with branded-ness and this is where Southeastern Galleries fails to deliver. To add to this, the prices are also much higher at this store as compared to others in town for the same items which is another deterrent for customers wanting to shop at this store. Indeed, if the store continues to price its items and services as high as it does now, it will soon run out of customers who are finding other stores, both online and offline, to be ready with cheaper offers.

Like their furniture pieces, the shop’s sales persons-cum-designers also seem to have run out of new interior decoration ideas and their architectural plans and in-home consultations have become run of the mill sparking no excitement or interest.

If Southeastern Galleries wants to survive among the ever-increasing furniture stores in Charleston, SC it had better do some serious thinking on its furniture and interior designing quality and novelty to keep customers satisfied; for a business cannot be happy, if its clients are not.

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